Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Entertainment Critical's Entertainment Weekly Review For The Week of Spetember 29, 2006

Welcome to the third edition of our review of the greatest entertainment magazine. This week's issue, #899, has the Battlestar Galactica crew on it's cover. Let's get started!


News & Notes: The Evolution of SNL: Great article dissecting the drudges that SNL is in now. You know Lorne is secretly seething that two NBC shows are taking shots at his establishment, despite what he says in the article. Here's hoping SNL regains some of it's past revealance soon.

Is It Just Us...: Here, EW gives us the equation Garden State + Garden State = The Last Kiss (Zach Braff's latest flick). Not an original sentiment, but funny nonetheless.

Back on the Mean Streets: Interview with Martin Scorsese: Although I haven't watched many Scorsese movies, I am a fan of what he represents: Old School Directing. You don't really get the "prestigious" director anymore (especially with M. Night Shamalayans descent). I will always read an interview with a living legend.

Lost Viewer's Guide: I love Lost. Awesome 24 page guide.


Attack of the Ally McBeals: Basically, they rate the new female characters of the fall TV season by how closely they resemble the thinned one. Good article, except I have no idea who Betty Friedan, the name on the opposite side of the spectrum, is. So shame on EW.

Style: Reality Show Stoppers: Once again, I have no style and want none in my magazines.

Lost Viewer's Guide: Only 24 pages? And those pages aren't 8 x 11 1/2? BOOOOOOO!

Overall, I'd give this issue a resounding B+.


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