Friday, October 13, 2006

Keep The Politics Out of My Entertainment

Recently, Barbara Streisand was heckled by a fan at one of her concerts due to a extended skit that has her mocking George W. Bush. Ms. Streisand snapped, cussed out the fan, and proceeded on with the skit. Her publicist then hinted that the fan might have been a plant by a Republican outfit.

I hate it when someone in the entertainment field feels it necessary to rub their political views on their audience. I don't pay money, or give you my time, to listen to a guy who dropped out of college sermonize why the war in Iraq is wrong or how political party X is dumb. And yes, it happens on both sides of the aisle, but since a Republican is in office now, the liberal actors, actresses, and musical acts are screaming the loudest.

Did I need to know that Green Day's American Idiot is really an allegory for the current administration to enjoy it? No. Or that the underlying themes in the movie version of V for Vendetta was supposed to bash Bush? No, again. Look, I am not against an artist sharing his views with the world, but make sure a) that you are an "artist" (I'm looking at you Jeanne Garafalo) and b) you are informed and educated about the topic at hand. The protest songs of the 1960s and 70s were great because these artist were young and could possibly be drafted. They cared and were willing to actively stand up to the government. Today, an artist will speak in hushed tones or make fun behind the backs. Very few artists are willing to risk anything, so why should I listen to them? Barbara snipes at Bush in her safe house of a concert with her fans and gets unnerved when that safety is breached. She holds fundraisers for the Democratic party, and never leaves the coccoon.

Make me care about your views. Don't shove your views down my throat. Don't flaunt it. Come at me with a rational argument. Don't spout off your views because it is the hip thing to do. Why should I care about what you think?

Right now, there are very few Hollywood people that I would care about their opinions. Among them are Martin Sheen and Tim Robbins and Susan Surandon. All three have protested non mainstream issues. All three have been arrested because of their actions. These people seem informed, and even though, I might not like what they are preaching at times, at least I know they aren't doing it for the fame.

Now, if you may excuse me, Mario Lopez is on Bill O'Reilly, talking about global warming.


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