Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost: "Every Man For Himself" Review

If last week was Locke's time to shine, then this week was definitely Sawyer's turn in the spotlight.

Sawyer hatches a plan to escape from The Others. He plans to turn the cage's electricity-tinged food dispension system against the next Other who comes to get him. It turns out that Ben is that Other, but of course, he's been monitoring Sawyer and has turned off the electricity. To futher deter Sawyer's attempts at escaping, Ben sedates Sawyer and then Ben puts a pacemaker into Sawyer so that if his heart beat exceeds a certain limit, his heart will explode. This is all explained in a very creepy scene involving Ben, Sawyer, and a rabbit.

Meanwhile, Colleen, the woman shot by Sun in a previous epsidoe comes back, badly hurt. Juliet, the only passable doctor seemingly on the Others' side and she is only a fertility doctor at that, has to enlist Jack to help. Jack can't save Colleen's life due to inadequate machinery. Jack spies an X-ray of a 40-something man with a deadly tumor though while in the operating room and is left to wonder whose it is.

Sawyer's flashback reveal a time in which he was in prison for the acts he did in his last flashback. In fact, the woman he connned, Cassidy, comes back to tell him he has a daughter! Sawyer pulls on a con on a new inmate, just so he can get out of jail by working with the warden and the FBI to get the target. He also takes his cut of the reward money to leave to his newborn daughter.

As pointed out in the flashbacks, and with Sawyer's dealing with his new pacemaker (which turns out to be just a lie), Sawyer's biggest weakness is his heart. He cares even though he doesn't want to. Between Kate saying she loved him to get a grieving Pickett off him (which again, is a lie, at least according to Kate) to his present to his child in the flashback, Sawyer isn't the hard, evil man he wants to be.

In the end, a major reveal is made: Kate, Sawyer, and Jack are on another, smaller island off the coast of the original one. Ben shows Sawyer this to prove that escape is futile. But we know the story has to dictate that somehow these three escape. Now the intriguing part is how.

3 1/2 Number 8 Rabbits out of 5.


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