Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost: "Further Instructions" Review

Locke is back, baby! Those four words sum up my excitement at this week's Lost episode.

Last season, the writers spent some time deconstructing John Locke. They took him from being the confident hunter at the end of Season 1 and left him a button pushing, faithless man at the end of Season 2. Now, they are building him up again, with a return to his Island Shaman attitude.

The episode starts off with a callback to the Pilot. Instead of an opening eye shot of Jack lying in the jungle, this time it's Locke. He sees Desmond scuttle by, naked, but Locke has lost his voice. After returning to camp, and mending some fences with Charlie, Locke takes a vision quest to start to reconnect to the Island. In some great storytelling, Boone serves as Locke's guide, taking Locke through a dream airport, where the other survivors are lounging around. Words can't describe the scene, so here is the clip on YouTube. Gotta love Ben frisking Jack.

Locke learns his mission his to save Eko, who luck would have it, has been captured by a polar bear. Charlie and Locke go off to save Mr. Eko, with Locke warning Charlie that those who hang around him get into trouble. Beside Boone, we learn through Locke's flashback that he was part of a hippie commune. This commune gets destroyed by an undercover cop that Locke unknowingly allows in. Locke says he can fix this problem, and takes the cop out on a hunting party, but cannot shot the man in cold blood.

Desmond's (naked) return was funny to see, as he interacted with a returning Hurley. Desmond also chillingly predicts a speech Locke had yet to give, indicating that Desmond might be able to see the future. Also, in the end, the two new cast members are seen, being introduced as "background" survivors.

There was no Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, or Sayid this week as active participants on the island. But that did not stop this episode from being the best so far this season. It definetely had a Season 1 vibe to it!

4 1/2 Sweat Lodges out of 5 .


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