Sunday, October 01, 2006

SNL Still Not Funny

Maybe the title of this post is a bit too harsh. I did enjoy some guffaws from last night's season premiere of SNL, hosted by Dane Cook. But they were few and far between.

The opening sketch, which had George Bush attending a Republican Comptroller's rally in South Carolina, reminded me of a scene from that show that skewers SNL, Studio 60. Matthew Perry's character on that show kept rejecting opening skits because, although they had George Bush in them, they were dumb. The point being made by Matt was that just because it has a political figure in it, does not give the skit a free pass. I felt Matthew would have rejected last night's SNL opening.

Also, the host was Dane Cook. Dane's first time hosting SNL was last year...and it got the lowest rating in years. So naturally, they asked him back. His opening monologue was just his stand up routine. I like his stand up, I saw him live last year, but that sort of stuff just doesn't work on SNL.

The new team on Weekend Update, Amy Poehler (continuing with her cute deadpans) and Seth Meyers, were ok. Nothing spectacular, and a few jokes fell flat or were very predestrian. I am just waiting for Seth to call Amy an ignorant slut, because a) it's funny and b) SNL loves it's past.

Of course, SNL took a swipe at Studio 60 and Tina Fey's new sitcom about an SNL-type show, 30 Rock. In a sketch where basically Dane and cast member Will Forte try to hide those office water bottles from their boss, Lorne Michaels showed his claws. The sketch's premise basically had Will opening a closet and the bottles continually fall out and Dane repeating the word "bone". After the sketch is seemingly done, Will says he can sell this experience to SNL as a sketch. And he says if that fails he can give it to someone at Studio 60 or 30 Rock. He then adds, of course, they'll stop the sketch where it stopped being funny, which was long ago. While I was eagerly awaiting this sorta situation, it really didn't make sense. The ending felt tacked on and incoherent. It really had nothing to do with the rest of the sketch. Maybe that was the point, but if Lorne really wanted to take a bit out of the two new shows, there are better ways of doing it. Maybe have a sketch where the cast members talk about all the members that left, saying they went to the other shows. Then have the remaining members quit as well. I don't know, something better than name checking at 12:45 at night.

I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, so I will probably continue watching SNL. Especially since next week's show has Jamie Pressly on it.


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