Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lost: "I Do" Review

The Fall Season Finale of Lost came and went. Now we all have to wait till February 7th for the next new episode. Would this finale have enough to it sustain the excitement for 3 months?

While it was not a blow away episode, "I Do" did enough to make the wait extruciating. As Jack first blows off then decides to operate on Ben's tumor, Sawyer and Kate realize that their time in the cages is probably coming to an end. Sawyer has a target on his back, painted by The Other Pickett. Kate has reached a psychological dead end. Something's gotta give.

The flashback this week belonged to Kate. She married a favorite actor of mine, Nathan Fillion of Firefly/Serenity fame. As per Kate's history, in Season 1, she said she was married. This flashback showed that and what the circumstances were. In Season 2, Kate said she had taken a pregnancy test. Again, showed the circumstances surrounding that.

Kate's motivations in the flashback and in current times showed that she doesn't want to run, she wants to plant her roots, but something always comes up and forces her to flee. Fate doesn't want her to settle. I was actually surprised that in the flashbacks she said she loved Kevin (Fillion), because previously, it seemed like she would only love her childhood crush. Kate did have a happy period in her life after she became a fugitive.

Meanwhile, back on the main island. Locke and crew bury Eko. Locke spies Eko's stick as he is driving it into the ground and reads the saying "Look to the North." What this means will remain unknown until February. Another mystery is who "Jacob" is and why he wrote a list for The Others without Jack on it.

With the first half of the season at an end, look for an entry this weekend about why the show's ratings have fallen. I will also pick up Heroes to review. For now though this episode gets:

3 1/2 Drugged Nathans out of 5.


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