Saturday, December 23, 2006

Queen of Nice/Mean versus The Combover

Recently, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump have been engaged in a war of words. Why? Rosie called out Trump on her show The View, highlighting some of his lesser qualities. Donald has been in the news lately due to the problems Miss USA are facing (Trump owns and operates the pagent). Trump fired back called Rosie fat and a slob. Trump also said he is going to sue Rosie for libel. Rosie fired back and now it is on like Donkey Kong, as the kids would put it.

It is hard to get behind either side in this argument. Rosie, the once Daytime Princess (The Queen is Oprah) for her talkshow, earned the title "Queen of Nice" for her personality. However, once her show ended, she made almost a 180 and became the Queen of Mean. Even before joining the view, Rosie thrust herself into the spotlight by commentating on such things Star Jones and loudly and publically gay rights issues (Rosie herself is a lesbian and once tried to organize a gay cruise liner). Subtlety is not her strong suit.

Recently, she got into two separate incidents on The View. One, she took exception to something Kelly Ripa of Regis and Kelly said to Clay Aiken. Kelly said she didn't want Clay's hand anywhere near her mouth and Rosie took it as a gay slur and called Kelly on it. Problem is, Clay has not confirmed that he is indeed gay. So Rosie made a faux pas and didn't even admit to it. Two, she recently used a very bad Asain accent to describe the Danny DeVito incident on The View. At first, she played the comedy card, saying it was in good humor. Then she apologized because her Asian hairdresser told her it was offensive. I am rolling my eyes here.

Point is Rosie has a big an ego as the women she replaced on The View, Star Jones. But Rosie gets to play the comedy card any time she offends. She gets self righteous when talking about topics she deems important and believes her opinion to be the only one that matters. I am surprised that she hasn't blown the goodwill she received from her talkshow yet.

In the other corner is Donald Trump. If Rosie is Ms. Ego, then Donald is Mr. Ego. Remember how many times The Donald said The Apprentice was the number one show on TV, though it clearly wasn't close? Due to the success of The Apprentice, he has become an "entertainment" star. He slammed Martha Stuart when her version of The Apprentice failed, going as far as to pin the declining ratings of his version on her. He's gone through young wives like a hot knife through butter. While his casinos aren't doing well in Atlantic City, he blames other people. He is filthy rich, or at least lives like he is (I believe he recently filed for bankruptcy), and that is hard to throw support to.

And his response to Rosie's comments are low class. He might not have liked what she said, but he shouldn't have called her a fat slob. Tell the press you are slapping her with a libel suit if you really are and be done with it. But it wasn't enough to defend himself, he had to steal the spotlight back. Now we all are subject to this mess.

You know what the scary part is though? In a couple of months, Donald is probably going to appear on The View and play nice with Rosie. Why? Not because cooler heads will prevail, but because America loves a reconciliaton. Donald and Rosie are both getting publicity out of this war/stunt. That is what any fading star, desperate to be relevant once again, craves to have.


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