Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globes Pre-Hype

The Golden Globes are tonight, airing at 9 PM on NBC. As per usual with these sorts of award shows, I have not seen a majority of films nominated. As per unusual, the Golden Globes also has categories for TV Shows, many of which I have actually seen.

The Golden Globes are often unpredictable, if not in who wins what, but in the actions of the winners. The Globes is a dinner affair, with lots of alcohol flowing. So you get some funny and real moments. I will have the show on, if not directly watching it then in the background. Hopefully some funny stuff goes down.

Tomorrow I will have a run down of who won what in the major categories and a brief opinion on it. The Globes are often a predictor concerning nominations and winners of the Oscars. Hopefully, the entertainment world starts off the new year on a good foot.


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