Sunday, September 10, 2006

You've made a huge mistake if you haven't seen Arrested Development

Yesterday, I got the final season of Arrested Development on DVD. Today, I have finished watching it. Yes, I blew through 13 episodes in little less than a day. Why? Because AD is damn funny. It is/was the only show on TV that I found myself actually laughing out loud at.

People blamed the low ratings of the series on its "intelligence" and "smart" humor. I don't think the show was too smart for its own good. It does have a lot of what I coined as "smart stupid humor", but let's be real: the jokes weren't about astrophysics. I think the problem, and the beauty, of the show was that it required an attentive viewer. Situations and phrases first seen in one episode would repeat later in another episode. Heck, jokes from Season 1 resurfaced in Season 3. If you haven't seen those jokes before, there is a lot of empty dialogue. Strip away those types of jokes, and you would get a very cliched show. Michael does one thing, the rest of his family is against it, and regular sitcom hijinks would occur. But Arrested Development took those cliches and layered jokes upon jokes on top of it.

All the actors on the show are brillant, but Will Arnett had to be the breakout star of the show. Whenever I hear "Final Countdown" (which is now in a Pepsi commercial), I will inevitably think of his magician character Gob. Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth was also excellent as perhaps the only normal member of the family (that is, when he isn't thinking about stealing a kiss from his cousin). Listening to the commentary on the DVDs, I get the rare impression that these actors and actresses really enjoyed working with each other.

Rumor has it, creator Mitchell Hurwitz is thinking about making a movie based on the show. While I am weary about that, as the continuity jokes I love would probably be nonexistant, I am intrigued by a big screen adventure of the Bluth family. Buy, rent, or steal the DVDs, I don't care. To paraphrase an episode title: S.O.B.: Savor Our Bluths!

I've been told I need a sign off phrase, so here is my first attempt:

That was entertaining, wasn'it?
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