Sunday, September 10, 2006

Entertainment: Critical's Entertainment Weekly Review

What does Entertainment Weekly Issue #897, featuring Eva Longoria on the cover, have to offer? Well, just continue reading!


Hot Mess of the Week-Sean "Diddy" Combs: Always nice when someone knocks down the former P. Diddy down a peg. Diddy is one of those guys that you aren't exactly sure why he is famous and what is talent really is. Is he a producer? A rapper? And why should I care?

The Hit List - A weekly favorite of mine. Scott Brown's sarcasm is something to aspire to be.

Spotlight: Zach Braff: How can I trade lives with him?

"Rachel Harris Is Having a Moment": Loved her on The Daily Show, will love her future work it seems.

The EW Pop Cultre Personality Test-The Rock: Loved his response to the question "Who are you mistaken for most often?" His answer? "I'm The Rock. Nobody looks like me."

The 50 Best High School Movies: No brainer with The Breakfast Club being #1, but was pleasantly surprised to see Election #9 and Rushmore #24.

The Must List-#10: Victor Garber: Recently I caught the first two seasons of Alias and am now digging Victor Garber.

The Reviews for The Office and My Name Is Earl DVDs: The reasons why I stopped watching CSI.

The Lowlights:

Eva Longoria and The Desperate Housewives Cover Story: Alright, I get it. Eva is hot. Aren't there other actors on this show? I am being serious, I don't watch the show.

"American" Gladiators - This article gets the lowlight based on the horrific picture they chose for Clay Aiken. Not like they are any good pictures of him though.

Style Page: VMA Special - I...don' Why are fascinated with fashions that are both ridiculous and impossible to pull off anywhere except the red carpet?

In the style of EW itself, I'll give this issue a B-.

Here's my second attempt at a sign off.

Let the booing begin.
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