Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Simpsons: "Kill Gil, Vols. 1 & 2" Review

Last week I mentioned that in the later seasons of The Simpsons episodes have increasingly focused on peripheral characters. Last week it was Nelson, this week it was a character that is relatively new: Ol' Gil. The Gil character is somewhat based on Jack Lemmon's character in Glengary Glenross. Gil is the resident sad sack of Springfield and is always getting into trouble.

"Kill Gil" is the annual Christmas episode too. The plot is as follows: Gil helps Lisa get a rare present, gets fired for his efforts, and ends up mooching off the Simpsons for a year. Marge can't say no to Gil and gets put through the ringer. When she finally gets the nerve to stand up to Gil, it is too late, as Gil has moved and is successful. Of course, Marge ruins that and it's back to square one for Ol' Gil.

There were many funny lines in the episode. Homer whispers hoarsely to Marge to lower the boom on Gil and when she doesn't he D'ohs in the same tone. Homer has many run-ins with a Grinch-like character, where at one point he knocks out and it bleeds green. Homer says "What is this thing?" in an inquisitive tone. Marge flashback to why she can't no to anyone and when we return to the present Homer has no idea what is going on, as he couldn't see the flashback. Bart and Lisa get their lunches wiped by Gil, only to have them replaced with used nicotine patches. Nelson then swipes those patches, thinking they are food. He promptly passes out. There was a good mix of visual and verbal jokes peppered in the half hour.

Simpson Christmas episodes are always funny (who can forget Gary Coleman and his "Galaxy of Prawn"? Three is hardly a galaxy!). "Kill Gil" lives up to holiday expectations and had some good jokes. Even the opening credits of the episode got into the act, with the iconic opening replaced with a Springfield covered in snow. I will always welcome Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie into my living room for the holidays. They always bring good cheer.

4 Scottsdale Offices out of 5.


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