Monday, January 08, 2007

The Simpsons: "The Wife Aquatic" Review

Hmmm, an episode focused on Marge and her trying to relive a childhood memory doesn't sound like an exciting time on the surface, but this episode actually had some humorous moments.

After the Springfield movie nights goes awry and having Patty and Selma show home movies to the town, Marge remembers the good times she had at Barnacle Bay, an paradise island. Of course, Homer finally gets a clue (after transfering the home movies to DVD format and trying to transfer that to Marge's iPod) and takes the family to the vacation spot. However, the once booming town is now in ruins due to overfishing. Homer tries to cheer up Marge, and does so briefly, only to set the town on fire. Forced to repay this transgression, Homer has to help hish the barren waters.

Though the part about Homer and fishing seems to be a ripoff of Family Guy and Peter fishing, the episode does make it clear that this part of the plotline is a homage "The Perfect Storm" (the ads touting it as such certainly helped). There are other homages I picked out, including The Ring (though I don't know if it was intentional). There is also some creepy piano music that plays when Marge thinks about the island or the island is talked about. I don't know what the music is from but it sounded very familiar.

The only gripe I had about this episode is how Homer and Bart survived the perfect storm. They were picked up by Chinese Fishermen, but this has scenario has already been done before on The Simpsons! The first time it was Otto The Bus Driver who was saved by the Chinese way back when the school children got stranded on the Lord of the Flies Island. The explanation took me out of the episode for a second, but luckily it was the end of the show anyways so it didn't sour my viewing.

This was no classic episode, but it still was pretty darn good. The Simpsons remain one of the few shows that I laugh out loud at.

3 Yum Yum Fish out of 5.


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