Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heroes: "Distractions" Review

[AE's Note: A while ago, I mentioned that I would start reviewing the new hit show Heroes, which airs on NBC. If you haven't noticed, I didn't live up to that promise. However, Gonch has taken it upon himself to review the episodes. He might not catch each episode on Mondays, but he does watch them at a later point, so the reviews might be spread out over the week. Enjoy!

Gonch here, and I hope to start another new weekly tradition (while it's on the air at least) for my reviews of my newest favorite show: Heroes. I won't recap what's happened so far in the show, there's plenty of sites for that, so let's get onto the review of a very distracting episode...oooh shiny!

There are only two truly main storylines to this week, one for Peter and and one for Claire. The show itself manages to almost always divide up well between as many characters as possible but I would say these two were the focus this week. Peter is in contact with Claude, aka Christopher Eccelston from Doctor Who's The Boss. Claude can make him and other things he touches invisible. Through most of the ep, Peter is also invisible as long as he's around Claude. He needs his help to focus his powers, otherwise he's gonna take out a nice chunk of Manhatten with him in the finale. This is done through some fun segments involving trying to steal a purse as Claude runs away and Peter tries to stay invisible, which doesn't work too well. Later Claude shows Peter what it's like when no one things you're there, as they spy on Simone and Isaac sharing a moment. Isaac himself had been looking for Peter in many many paintings (boy he's getting good at his power!) but kept finding nothing (Peter being invisible and all).

Claire on the other hand makes an attempt to find her mother in Kermit The Frog, Texas. Much to my dismay, Miss Piggy did not answer the trailer door, but her mother did. Turns out her mother can light stuff on fire. Claire is invulnerable. Claire's mother was in a fire where she thought her daughter died, yeah no coincidence there. They share their moment but Claire is lucky to be away from home. It's at this time that Sylar has escaped from Primatech Paper Prison (really need to reinforce those mache walls) where he pretended to be dead, only to trap Mr. Bennett (aka Horn Rimmed Glasses guy HRG). Sylar makes way for Claire/HRG's home, where he pretends to be an employee at Primatech. Claire's fake mom doesn't figure things are wrong until too late and she gets hurt some. Before Sylar can make his fatal mark, Bennett shows up somehow (I assume the Haitian found him there) and he takes some shots. Needless to say, Sylar gets away and Claire's fake mom is mindwiped. Claire, as always, suspects something was up.

In other stories, Hiro has no real action, but must face down George Takei, no easy task. Worse, it's his father who wants him to come home and run the business. But he convinces Captain Sulu that his sister is more worthy of that, and his mission comes first. Nikki/Jessica took out a doctor who was STUPID and got let free by Linderman's agent...only to trap Nikki in the Mirror of Doom.

The real fun at the end involves Claude tossing Peter over a building top, trying to make him fly. Instead Peter crashes onto a taxi but manages to use regeneration from Claire instead, based only his memory of her. This would not be quite as creepy except when we learn the truth. The father of Claire Bennett is none other than...dun dun duhhhhhh: Nathan Petrelli aka Flying Man.

I'm amazed at not just the plot lines (I do not think they are too slow, in fact faster moving so far than Lost) but also the consistency of the show. Sure it's just the first season but this episode gets Gonch's Gold Medal of Heroism. Keep it up, Kring.


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