Saturday, January 27, 2007

Retro Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

Previously, I have said that I do not like politics posing as entertainment. I, however, have no problem with politics being presented as being politics and it being entertaining. An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary that was released in summer 2006 and focuses on Al Gore and his presentation about Global Warming, is such an event: an entertaining political fare.

I am not going to go over what he presented and pick out all the points I agree or disagree with. I will however state that the way he presented his concerns is visually stunning and the former VP does not appear to be talking down to anyone. Mr. Gore uses a wide array of media in his slideshow to illustrate his point, from static pictures, to animations, to even a scene from Futurama. He is surprisingly hip and charismatic and more than once, he illicits laughs from the audience. It was often said in the reviews of this film that if this was the public face the Mr. Gore presented in 2000, he would easily have been the President now. I can't help but agree.

The film is a documentary that focuses on Global Warming, but it also has a few scenes away from the slideshow to present Al Gore, the man. He revisits the farm he grew up in, talks briefly about the 2000 election, and other odds and ends that paint a more complete picture. I would say the film is 90% about the environment and 10% about Gore. Again, this is a side of politics and politicians we don't often see.

The film was only 98 minutes long so it has a pretty quick pace. There is no Q&A session in the movie or on the extras on the DVD, which I find a little weird. IF not included in the movie, I would have thought for sure it would be an extra. The movie does urge individual responsibility to help combat the rising temperatures. It is a good issue film and I would recommend a viewing if you are interested in Mr. Gore or his policies.

4 Lockboxes out of 5.


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