Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Simpsons: "Little Big Girl" Review

Wow. Was tonight's Simpsons a clunker or what? Two plot lines, Lisa pretending to be a Native American and Bart dating an older woman, voiced by Natalie Portman, were stupid and mundane. The plot involving Bart was especially dumb. First, Bart accidentally saves the town from a fire, then he gets a driver's license, then he meets, dates, possibly impregnates Natalie Portman, then goes to marry her. Join me when I saw whaaaaaa?

I felt the episode was more a collection of scenes than one whole unit. It was also one of those episodes where the first 15 minutes has very little to do with the last 15 minutes, and those episodes are always boring. It was all very blah.

While there were a few funny scenes, none of them had long lasting guffaws. I hope this is a momentary swoon and not indicative of the rest of the season.

2 Pregnant Nats out of 5.


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