Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dreamweaver: "Terra's Eyes"

Unfortunately, our country is at war. Whether or not you think it is a just war is a topic that an entertainment blog will not discuss. What it will discuss is something that's been lacking since the end of the Cold War: a comedy about world events. I am talking about a Dr. Strangelove type of movie. Sometimes, serious times demand not so serious movies.

Since the War on Terror is a sensitive topic, I can see why a movie in the mold of a silly yet relevant satire such as Strangelove hasn't been made. But all the ingredients are there to be satired: the ease of pointing fingers, an administration that sometimes doesn't look like they know what they are doing, a president who seems out of his league. But the key is not to make it a parody of Bush and company, but government in this day and era in general.

Like I said, for the movie to work, you can't go for the easy jokes. You have to have some different levels of humor going. Also, you would have to make fun of us, the American public. Have us believing one thing one minute, then completely doing a 180 the next. Have the characters that are in power constantly taking polls of what the public thinks and having the questions and the answers be totally ridiculous. Sample dialogue: "Sir, the latest polls are in! 60% of Americans think we should invade Mars, based on it's sinister sounding name!" "Sir, our approval ratings are down to 40% and our Nielson rating is only a 8.7!" You could have the military constantly changing targets to bomb as more and more "evidence" comes in. Also, repeat the title outloud. It's a pun! And memorable!

Look to "Team America: World Police" as to what a satire about today's world can be. Sure, that movie was crude, but it was funny and a satire. Right now, it is the Strangelove of the 21st century. But I think there could be a better, more funny, more subtle, and more beloved movie in that vain.

I have a lot more plot and scenes I could discuss, but I don't want to be flagged for anything!


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