Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lost: "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" Review

Light and fluffy. Those are the words I would use to describe the Hurley-centric episode "Tricia Tanaka is Dead". Although "light and fluffy" would usually have a negative connotation, after 9 episodes of The Others breaking and rebreaking Jack, Kate, and Sawyer and the death of Eko, lught and fluffy was what was needed. Lost can be deep and serious on one epside and light-hearted in another and it remains entertaining.

"TTID" focused on Hurley, as he has seemed to loss hope. His girlfriend on the Island, Libby, was ckilled by Michael is Season 2. To the best of his knowledge, The Others still have Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Charlie is moping around after Desmond's revelation that he will die. Hurley seeks out some ray of sunshine. To that end, a sign comes from Vincent, the god: Vincent has found an old Dharma VW bus. Hurley believes this is the thing that can cheer up the survivors by fixing it up.

Fixing a car has always been a source of hope for Hurley, as his flashback shows. His father left him and the old car they were fixing when he was young. After Hurley wins the lotto and is "cursed" by the Numbers, Hurley's father, played by Cheech Marin, comes back. Hurley further mires himself in his curse (he recently purchased his old place of work, Mr. Cluck's, only to see it get hit by a meteor and the Tricia of the title get killed inside). He also gets his father to admit that he came back for Hurley's money. However, Mr. Reyes says that he now wants to stay for his son and doesn't care about the money anymore. He even urges Hurley to give up the money. However, at this point, Hurley believes he needs to go to Australia to get rid of the curse and leaves his poor father behind.

Back on the Island, Hurley tries to rally the people, but only Jin comes to help at first. Of course, the language barrier gets played, but Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim have great chemistry together and don't let the cliches get to them. Hurley has a plethora of good lines in this episode, including his definition of "crafty" (It means you are good with crafts). Eventually, Kate and Sawyer reach the beach for a reunion. Sawyer then goes off to find Hurley because he helped steal some of Sawyer's supplies in the Desmond episode. Kate, on the other hand, goes to find some help to get Jack and seeks out Rosseau, the French woman. When Sawyer meets up with Hurley and Jin, his interactions are priceless. He finds some skunked Dharma beer and is satisfied. Eventually Hurley gets Charlie to stop moping and join him in testing the car.

The car eventually starts after being pushed down a steep hill and some drama with a pile of rocks, and Jin, Sawyer, Hurley and Charlie all have a good time driving around a meadow. Hope is found again! And Kate finds Rosseau and tells her that the Other Alex is probably Rosseau's daughter and she should join Kate, Locke, and Sayid to go after the Others.

This episode wasn't very much in way of mythos, but it was a charming, little, and ultimately inconsequental episode. I am more pleased with this epsidoe than I was with last week's.

4 Roger Work Mans out of 5.


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