Monday, February 25, 2008

Thoughts on The Oscars as it Unfolded!

Somewhere in between a live blog and a recap comes my Oscar review!

8:30 - Here we go! The opening bit with characters/props from a score of movies is similar to last years.

8:32 - Here's Jon-ny! No filmed opening bit for him?

8:33 - Heh, knew Jon was going to talk about the strike initially.

8:33 - Yearly calling out of nominees.

8:36 - Atonement = Yom Kippur?

8:41 - Good opening nut seems like JS remembered the criticism of his last time hosting and brought up the political guns.

8:44 - Did we really needs to see Babs?

8:47 - Yay. A montage. Those are always...something...

8:52 - Steve Carell makes fun of Stewart. Excellent.

8:54 - Ratattouille wins! Rat-a-cal.

8:59 - Stewart does a good job presenting the first Best Song and Amy Adams runs with it.

9:06 - Finally, Dwayne Johnson (nee The Rock) has come back to the Oscars!

9:10 - Cate Blanchett always looks so regal. I guess that's why she has played Queen Elizabeth twice.

9:11 - I like Johnny Depp with glasses.

9:15 - Could Jennifer Hudson be anymore wooden?

9:18 - Javier Bardem wins Best Supporting Actor. No surprise.

9:23 - Nice spoof of montages by Stewart.

9:31 - Jerry Seinfeld shows up as Barry from Bee Movie. Would have been funnier if it wasn't animated.

9:38 - In a minor upset, Tilda Swinton wins Best Supporting Actress. I liked her in Constantine.

9:44 - Eye candy alert when Jessica Alba shows up. They always seem to pick a geek guy's fantasy for the Tech Awards. Who else but The Invisible Woman. By the way, I didn't notice that Alba was pregnant.

9:47 - Josh Brolin apologizes to Jack Nicholson for a bad impersonation. Hah!

9:48 - Coens win for No Country. I liked Fargo, so I might have to see No Country.

9:52 - As others have said, what does Miley Cyrus have to do with movies?

10:02 - Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill pretend to be Halle Berry and Judi Dench to great effect.

10:08 - Time for a big award: Best Actress.

10:13 - The actress from La Vie en Rose wins, which isn't surprising considering she won some previous awards (it wasn't totally out of left field). EW did hypothesize that the cancellation of the Golden Globes might have hurt her chances because she was out there in public for the voters to see. A weird reasoning.

10:18 - Jon Stewart plays the Wii?

10:22 - Jack does Jack and mumbles his was through his lines.

10:23 - Oh, this will actually be a nice montage: all the Best Pics.

10:28 - Renee Zwelleger does have an ugly mug.

10:34 - Honorary Oscars are a nice, but somewhat boring, portion of the show.

10: 57 - Jon Stewart very nicely allows for the woman from "Once" to complete her speech.

11:01 - Obligatory "In Memory" portion.

11:08 - 2 out of the 3 score examples were from Spielberg/Williams collaborations. Naturally.

11:12 - Cool gesture with the soldiers from Baghdad presenting the Short Doc Award.

11:24 - Could Harrison Ford seem anymore bored?

11:25 - Hooray! Diablo Cody wins for Best Original Screenplay. She deserves it based solely on it being her first script and seeming very polished.

11:30 - Lead Actor time. Daniel Day Lewis gets ready...and he wins.

11:43 - The Coens take the Oscar for Directing No Country. And it creeps up my Netflix list.

11:44 - Right to Best Motion Picture.

11:45 - Much like The Departed last year, No Country is now a Must See for me as it wins.

Not too exciting of a night. I think Stewart did a fine job hosting, but it seemed like the small amount of time the writers strike allowed him write hurt. He wasn't as biting as he was last time, which some people criticized him for in 2006, but I like that part of his act. As for the awards themselves, I wasn't too invested in any movies this year, so it was hard to get too worked up about.

Hopefully, next year is better!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Predictions

Sadly, I don't think I will be doing any Oscar predictions this year. I am not enthused by the selection and the only picture I saw that has a lot of noms is Juno and I thought that was a good, but not great movie.

I will still try to live-blog the awards show though. Hopefully, Jon Stewart rocks again!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Conan vs. Colbert vs. Stewart

The writers strike has made for some interesting bedfellows, especially on late night programming, which has to churn out a daily show (no pun intended) without writers. Conan O'Brien seems to have embraced his absurd side and has had some weird time fillers. Recently, he, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart has been staging a mock feud over who popularized Republican candidate for the White House Mike Huckabee.

Well, recently, it all came to a boil.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel?

The writers' strike may be over next week.

I certainly hope it ends soon. If it ends by next week, many shows will be able to produce a few more episodes before the usual end of the TV season.

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