Friday, September 15, 2006

Sometimes I Hate

As one might have already surmised, I love everything EW related. The magazine and their website. But sometimes, betrays me. Such was the case this morning.

I check out the site to see if anything interesting has popped up since the last time I checked. They had put up a new gallery, extorting the 25 albums of the fall they are anticipating. I eagerly click through about half of them, until a sense of dread comes over me.

I think to myself, this is probably the feature article in this week's issue, isn't it? Sure enough, on the main page, in the bottom left corner, is the cover of this week's new issue. It says "The 25 Fall Albums We Are Waiting For." I had been duped. Instead of enjoying a virgin-to-my-eyes issue this week, I will now have to settle for a slightly-less-innocent hussy of a mag.

For shame!

How much wood could Hollywood wood, if Holly could wood wood?
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