Sunday, October 08, 2006

Entertainment: Critical's Entertainment Weekly Review for the Week of October 13, 2006

This week's issue, with Kirsten Dunst on the cover and numbered 901 and 902, is a double issue. It is a double issue dubbed the "Photo Issue." So in lieu of a regular highlight/lowlight review, I will talk about the issue in general.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I didn't like this issue. I felt it was a waste of a double issue. Because the focus was on photos, the meat of Entertainment Weekly this week turned into a flip book. There were no articles of any substantial length. There were mainly little blurbs describing wach photo. I did not care about the photographs at all.

Because the focus was on photos, a general feeling of static was felt throughout the main portion of the magazine. Nothing was happening. I was disappointed that the editors felt it necessary to show us, the reader, photoshoot "outtakes". It more or less feeds our culture's obsession with the flash of celebrity and not the substance. "Oh look at these beautiful people! And look how good they look even in the photos we didn't use."

So, yeah, I did not care for EW this week. It gets a F.


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