Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lost: "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Review

If last week's episode of Lost featured one mindblowing scene, then I would say this week's episode was one whole mindblowing experience!

The focus of the episode was Desmond. Except, instead of an episode where the time on the Island and the time in a flashback were equally divided to tell the story, 3/4 of the episode was Desmond in his flashback. And there was no breaking up of the flashback to go back and forth. It was one, long flashback.

The flashback itself was interesting in that it appeared that present day Desmond was reliving his past. He kept on getting reminders of his experience on the Island. At one point, he thought he had actually time traveled and sought help. However, his friend said time travel was impossible and Desmond seemed satisfied with that answer. He settled into his past life, until he made a decision that was the opposite of what he made the first time through the events. At that point, a woman popped up, and in a Matrix-style explanation, told Desmond that fate could not be changed and he had better realize that.

Why is that important? For one, Desmond decides to make the previous decision to break up with his girlfriend Penny (last seen in the Season 2 Finale) and go down the path that leads him to the Island. And also, on the Island, Desmond is seeing flashes of someone's death. He has tried to save this person repeatedly, but each time he saves the person, he sees another instance of their death.

That person? Charlie.

Charlie is doomed to die in one of the bigger twists in Lost history. Once again, Lost has sucked me in!

4 Whiskey Bottles out of 5.


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