Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost: "Enter 77" Review

We have to keep Locke away from hatches, don't we?

After a mythos-light episode last week, this episode jumps feet (or head, depending on your point of view) into mythology. We learn that The Others (or Hostiles as they once were called) are not part of Dharma in any way. Dharma tried to "purge" the Island of these Hosthers (TM Adam Entertainment), but failed. How recent was this purge? Three years ago, when Desmond first landed on the Island, Kelvin, the guy in the Swan, said the Hostiles were still out there and that Dharma was still active. However, were the Hostiles involved in the "Incident" that occured when Dharma first started? So many questions!

We also that the cable that Sayid found in Season 1 is for a sonar beacon. The sonar beacon helps guides ships and that the Dharma Initiative, and now the Hosthers, have a submarine. The Flame was a communication hatch, but after the sky turned purple the satellite dish is not working. That is why Patchy, Mikhail, and Mrs. Klugh, making a return appearance, are in the Flame, trying to fix it. Klugh's reapperance was a pleasant surprise. Her exit though was the shocking part.

The flashbacks centered on Sayid and the consequences of his tortuous past. He gets kidnapped and locked up by the husband of a former victim. He gets put through the wringer until he admits he tortured the woman and is released. The parallel on the Island is that Sayid, Locke, Rousseau and Kate have found Patchy from the Pearl feed in a new hatch: The Flame. After a bit of misconception on both sides, Sayid gains the upper hand and fishes for some info. Is the admitted truth, cold and harsh, better than the lie? Should pain and death be the ultimate price for truth?

Of course, we also get another instance of the Island using animals to communicate with the survivors. First, it was the boar for Sawyer in Season 1, then Kate's black horse in Season 2, and now a cat from Sayid's past. It is a reoccuring theme. I hope no survivors flushed a goldfish down the toliet.

Back on the beach, Sawyer starts a Ping Pong game to get his stuff back. If he loses, and you know he is going to, he can't make any nicknames for a week. Hurley soundly beats him, much to Sawyer's chagrin. I am glad they didn't spend too much time on the beach with this storyline. It was fun, but the main focus should have been and was on the new hatch.

Now Sayid and company have a map and are on the path to Othersville. There is a confrontation coming.

3 1/2 Saddled Horses out of 5.


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