Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heroes: "Unexpected" Review

It's finally back, such a long 7 days to wait for a new Heroes. Last week was alright, but it's all a memory compared to what this week brought us. Week by week, Heroes is slowly becoming one of the most consistent, well paced and interesting shows on television. There are a few stories that may drag a bit, but no episode is without several awesome moments or character progression. This week is definitely no exception.

We say hi again to Ted "I'ma esplode" Sprague, as he gets some IMs. Ok that doesn't sound interesting, except that he isn't online. It's being sent by our newest hero, Hana aka Wireless. Well done, you've already picked out your name, plus you've got the leather jacket thing going. You can get started on the X-Mansion next week, if you like. She explains that she knows plenty of what's going on and teams up with Ted, and Ted realizes that one more person could help out if they want to expose HRG.

Isaac is our treacherous traitor of the week, as he believes Peter is a serious threat to New York and everyone else, though really he just wants Simone for himself. Simone is basically what if Storm wasn't from Africa, wasn't played by Halle Berry and had no powers. Yeah that makes sense. HRG makes sure Isaac has a gun to ward off Peter and take care of him if necessary. As Joss Whedon taught us on Buffy, though, guns only make more problems, they rarely help.

Sylar and Mohinder meet Dale, no affiliation with Chip. She has super hearing, which by itself is alright by likely very annoying. Sylar's heartbeat can mean only one thing: murder. Well, he says it a lot cooler. Obviously Sylar is going to take this woman's power and Mohinder is just not catching on fast enough. Sylar is doing his acting charade but not trying terribly hard to hide it. Looks like he's about to get an unfortunate affinity for rap music.

Claire's mom finally collapses, and Mr. Muggles is all up on the floor milk. The timing of this is troublesome for HRG though. See Peter and the Invisible Whobo (credit that to AE) are still training on the rooftop. Peter uses Sylar's TK (telekinesis for you n00bs) to stop a stick from coming down on him, though eventually he gets whacked, not the dead kind. HRG and Haitian in tow find them on the roof, and they can see both of them using infrared goggles (leading to believe that the Haitian can't cancel out powers, likely just protect from their effects). Whobo is pissed and gets shocked. Peter manages to stop another taser shot in mid-air, more like he's stopping time for an instant and it drops. In a moment of remarkable coolness that will stay with you, Peter tosses Whobo over the edge of the building, dives after him and then carries him away as he flies off into the night sky. Take that, Smallville!

HRG eventually comes back home and he and Claire get fake Mom to the hospital. Let's face it though, Claire's had enough of this crap. She tries to confront HRG but isn't going to get very far. Before this though, Ted and Wireless ask to meet up with Matt "I heard that" Parkman. Parkman and his wife talked to each other before, but no one cares, let the guy steal a little, he sucks at his job anyway. They convince Parkman to help them against HRG, they're all victims and they won't be any longer. Each has a distinct marking like this || on their neck, which is not a logical OR for those of you in the engineering field.

But wait, what about Ando and Hiro, you didn't ask? That is resolved finally, as Ando does get shot but not badly, just a shoulder/flesh wound, with an ensuing fire fight that isn't actually shown, making it much funnier as Hiro and Ando hide away. Hiro arrived with the cop or whatever he is. Soon enough, Hiro is convinced that Ando can go no further but home, he doesn't want to be responsible for Ando's death and feels he is holding him back. Hiro steps onto the bus to leave Ando, greeted by STAN THE MAN LEE. Hiro is a true believer, are you?

Back at Casa de Secrets and Powers, Claire and HRG are about to have it out when Ted comes out of nowhere. This is quite alarming to HRG, considering Ted could level the entire block in enough time. Matt shows up, too, and they want answers...answers you'll get next week! But we're not done yet, finally Peter confronts Isaac, as Whobo concludes that Isaac betrayed them. Peter is seriously hopped up on powers, almost like Sylar, it's scary. He uses his TK to toss him around a bit, even going so far as to use the freaky Sylar voice at one point. He goes invisible and Isaac starts freaking out with his gun, trying to find something to shoot. Well he does...and we have our latest death. So long Simone, we knew you not so well. Peter and Isaac realize what they've just done, and it's a moment right out of Lost between Ana-Lucia and Sayid. Guess which one is really pissed and who's likely going to get it bad?

Wow, that was an amazing episode. Action, suspense, drama, STAN LEE. It had it all. One of the best this series has had thus far, without a doubt Gonch's Gold Medal of True Believing. I believe, that next week we'll find out just what is really up with HRG and his organization and maybe more than we bargained for. EXCELSIOR!



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