Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost: "Stranger in a Strange Land" Review

After two action-packed, thrilling episodes, Lost decided to slow things down a bit. While it will probably hurt them in the short run, it may help them later on, when various plot points from this episode are brought up again.

The episode focuses on Jack and the aftermath of his surgery on Ben. Ben's tumor is gone, Juliet is on trail for killing Pickett, and Jack is now in Sawyer's old cage. A new Other is introduced, and the kidnapped Tailies are seen again. While none of this was particularly exciting, we do see the beginning of a possible romance between Jack and Juliet, now that Juliet is an outsider to the Others. Jack's tattoos get their own backstory and Juliet gets her own markings. So they have that in common now.

Back on the main Island, Sawyer, Kate, and Karl, the Other boy, make it the far side of the Island. Sawyer encourages Karl to go to Alex, because apparently, the Others live on this Island and work on the previous Island...kay. I mean, we already sorta guessed at that. We also guessed at the Tailies situation too, but I digress.

While the episode had some good bits between Jack and Juliet, I felt the episode was a little flat, especially after two weeks of pure adrenaline.

2 1/2 Phuket jokes out of 5.


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