Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Simpsons: "Jazzy and the Pussycats" Review

After last week's funny season premiere, will The Simpsons make it 2 for 2 and continue to entertain? Sadly, no.

This week's episode was the typical "Bart steals Lisa's spotlight" plot. This time, Bart, who was assigned drumming to help with his behavoiral probablems, gets a shot at jazz superstardom over Lisa. Of course, in the end, Bart helps out Lisa and displays his love for his sister. However, everything in this episode feels off.

Homer's Vegas wife dies and everyone is sad, but didn't she run off with Abe? Doesn't matter, as the funeral just serves to showcase Bart's misbehavoir. Plot Contrivance #1. Then the family goes to a psychologist who mentions drumming. In an unintentional ironic twist, Homer suggest pumping Bart full of drugs to supress his actions. Of course, the Simpsons already did that, in an episode that guest starred Mark McGuire. Anyways, Bart takes up drumming, and in a stunning animated sequence, meets the White Stripes and Meg White actually speaks!

Then the wheels fall off. Bart goes to the local jazz club with Lisa and gets noticed over Lisa. This gets Lisa depressed, and she picks up a puppy to make her feel better (with no mention of Santa's Little Helper). Lisa then gets guilted into adopting other animals who are lost or about to be put down. Plot Contrivance #2. Why? For the second act, the story focused on Lisa and her animals. It came out of left field and only served as a deus ex machina for when Bart gets injured by a tiger and can't drum anymore.

The whole animal thing does contribute two funny jokes, one in which Lisa remarks she can't believe the two stories intersected and Bart's description of his new found feeling of empathy towards Lisa. So Bart throws a jazz benefit concert, in which about twenty musicians show up with their funny nicknames, and gives Lisa a place to keep all her new animal friends. But really, this episode, despite the presencence of the wild kingdom is pretty tame.

2 Donuts out of 5.


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