Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost: "The Glass Ballerina" Review

Chain gang action and adventure on the high seas. No, it isn't a prison pirate movie, it's the latest episode of Lost.

"The Glass Ballerina" focuses on Sun and Jin, and the lies Sun have told to protect herself. Through the flashbacks, first with a young Sun lying to her father, all the way to Sun lying to Jin and having an illicit affair, we see Sun isn't as innocent as we were lead to believe. Her affair is discovered by her Mafia boss-like father, who sends Jin to kill the man (who was teaching Sun English before). Jin doesn't know why he has to kill the man, and of course, let's him live. That life is short though, as the man either jumps or is pushed out a window, to his death.

Back in the present, Sayid, seeking revenge, sets up a trap to capture the Others. The plan has Sun lying to Jin again, but this time, Jin catches on and reveals he knows a lot more English than Sun knew. The plan backfires when Sun, thinking she is safe aboard the boat from the finale, gets ambushed by the Others. She shots one, and manages to escape as the Others take the boat. Sun and Jin are reunited, and it feels so good.

Meanwhile, back with the love triangle, Sawyer and Kate have to dig up and move some rocks as slave labor. Sawyer gets in some great quips, taunting his supervisors. I was actually smiling through most of his dialogue, which doesn't happen that much with Lost. Sawyer kisses Kate, and gets shocked, but it's all part of his plan to size up the Others.

Meanwhile, we see very little of Jack. At the end of the episode though, Henry Gale tries to breakthrough to Jack by introducing himself. His real name? Benjamin Linus. There was a famous scientist by the name of Linus who preached peace. Linus was the son of the god Apollo, who was betrayed by his father and killed. And of course there is Linus from Peanuts. Ben wants Jack to trust him. He tell Jack that he has contact with the outside world. He tells Jack that in the 69 days he's been crashed on this Island, Jack has missed Bush being reelected, Christopher Reeve dying, and The Red Sox winning the World Series. Jack, of course, is incredulous abotu that last fact. Ben assures him that the Sox did win, and shows him a tape of the final out. And that's where the episode ends. Those last five minutes were excellent.

Overall, though some may say nothing happened, I say this was a much better episode then the season premiere. We learned Henry's real name and that he has lived on the island his entire life. I can't wait till next week when we find out what happened to the Hatchlings!

4 out of 5 Other-Brand Lunch Pails


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