Friday, February 16, 2007

Heroes: "Run!" Review

We return for our next installment of Heroes, brought to you by recaps and Mr. Solar Eclipse. Hi Mr. Eclipse, I'm sure you have some significance in this show, right? Anyway onto the goodies. This week's episode is called Run!, because the writers have a lot of fun naming the episodes in comic book fashionness, or something. But who's doing the running? If I've gotta pick anyone who should have been running this week, it's Matt Parkman aka I Can Hear Your Boring Thoughts Man. It's a very cool power to have if hard to control, but man it is useless in a fight unless you can hear what your opponent's next move is going to be. In a way that does help this week, well at least for Matt.

But let's start back with Claire, who having met her real mom, eventually is lied to about her father, Nathan. Claire is disappointed in this, and even moreso when she finds out that her father may or may not want to see her and her mother lying about it. I guess it could be worse; Claire could find out that Burning Mom actually is trying to cheat her out of the money, too. Oh well, $25,000 goes a long way for a high schooler. That's one year of college for you, you lucky kid. Claire's problems continue, in a non-superheroic way when her [adopted] father grounds her for going behind the back of a guy with a gun while her mother is having some serious brain issues from the all the mind-wiping. Either HRG is making it seem worse somehow or it really does have a mean side effect...also this is conjuring up images of the brain tumor that Buffy's mom suffered and started to forget/remember that her daughter [Dawn] didn't exist. But I digress.

Hiro and Ando are back in Vegas, baby. This story is probably another instance of not quite utilizing these guys to full potential. They are two of the most interesting characters, but given so little to work with. They find "Hope" and Ando helps her get her bag back from her beating ex-boyfriend. Except of course that she's lying, this guy is a Gaming cop or something and he's in the right and she's in the wrong. This leaves Hiro locked in a closet of some sort, where there isn't even a slot machine to pass the time. Better learn how to teleport again fast.

Our second-most interesting story involves Sylar (doesn't it always?) and Mohinder. Quite the unused combo to this point. Mohinder keeps searching for new heroes and finds one in Virginia (I knew something was up with that state). True to the state's lineage, this hero's power is well, lame. I mean the guy can basically melt stuff. I was confused at first at what he could do with the puddles on the floor, but he was at the very least converting pots and pans to liquid metal. This could be quite useful for a bank robbery on the vault, but it's still a very lame power [Unless Sylar gets thrown into a prison with metal bars. Then it becomes all the rage - AE]. Sylar gets to the guy first and kills him, taking his power. So he pretends to be this guy, Zane, which is too bad he died cause that's a cool name though he was a few steps away from being Brian Posehn. Mohinder gets duped into this and let's Sylar tag along to find other heroes, of course giving Sylar a one way ticket to all the power he can handle. Way to go, Mo.

Least but not last, our real running portion is Matt and Jessika (that's my Jessica/Niki combo name from now on). Matt, now off the force for 6 months, takes a job as a body guard to Mr. Malsky, a fat bald dude working with Linderman. Malsky is trying to use the $2 million that Jessika stole that was given to Linderman [Actually, the case with the money was given to Malsky himself, so Linderman probably never got the money in the first place - AE] by D.L. to buy some diamonds, likely behind Linderman's back. If you followed that then maybe you're actually paying attention to this show, kudos. The seller is aware of this and knows that Linderman sent an "assassin" to kill Malsky, none other than Jessika. Parkman figures this out with telepathy and prepares for Jessika's arrival. They run around the building for some time, Malsky needing his inhaler. Parkman even overhears Jessica talking to Niki, and I say those separately because they actually appear as separate people, which that's confusing as all hell. Is Niki out and can she attempt to stop Jessica or ! is that just played as if she was there but is just in Jessica's head? Ach, my brain. Anyway fight ensues shortly and Parkman is lucky to be thrown out of a window but still hit the sign, not falling far at all. Malsky isn't so lucky, and let's just say his head and legs shouldn't be at the same height level, yikes. Parkman winds up keeping the diamonds because he needs money dammit, you just don't understand!

So is Parkman the one that "crossed" the line this time? Did Malsky have it coming? Is Nathan Jessika's next target? Will the next episode be a little more interesting with more power usage? The answer is hopefully yes to all of those but we'll find out next week. Run! gets Gonch's Silver medal of well, running. Wait, that's an actual medal...ah screw it.


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