Thursday, March 08, 2007

Heroes: "Parasite" Review

Another day, another dollar, another hero added to the mix. You guys better enjoy this one, cause we won't see Heroes again until April 23rd! That's just too long to wait, especially after this episode.

Diving right in, we pick up with the death of Simone, Isaac shoots at Peter a bit but Peter gets away. Isaac doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile Claire has run away with the Haitian, but really wants to go with Peter. She manages to sneak away from the Haitian at the airport however, not because she wants to be with Peter but because she refuses to go to Canada, damn canucks. We also learn that Mrs. HRG knows what's going on and has been pretending to not know, signaling Bennet when needed but he's still not really in control of things.

Nathan meanwhile is in Vegas to work with the FBI on spying on Linderman. Peter found this out back in his office when Nathan advised to talk to Mohinder and not incriminate Peter on the Simone issue. In Vegas though, Nathan meets up with Hiro who can't seem to get in to see Linderman but Nathan vouches for him. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Hiro actually gets his sword finally! Though the curator catches him, the first guard to arrive is noneother than Ando! Surprises galore. They get out of there by going ahead in time but wind up in a very dreadful future of New York. Still probably more friendly than being surrounded by Isaac's paintings.

Speaking of which, Isaac is met with the police, but luckily Simone walks in unharmed. Wait what was that? Yep she's just fine, you know except for the blood stains. Oh but wait, it's not her, but the shapeshifting Candace, aka NOT MYSTIQUE. NOT MYSTIQUE also fools HRG into thinking he's talking to his wife again, but Eric Roberts ain't no fool, no sir.

Back in Vegas, Nathan re-meets Jessika, friendly and not. She actually helps him on a mission to kill Linderman. When we finally meet him, it's none of than Chef Malcolm McDowell. Chef McDowell is preparing a pot pie that does not include a dash of murder on Nathan's part. Frankly, Nathan's stuck here moreso now that we know for sure the Chef knows all about the powered people. Oh of course, I figured McDowell would watch Heroes, makes sense. Just make sure you don't get caught in the Nexus with him, Nathan.

You want surprises? Here's one. Our local parasite, Sylar, is duped by Mohinder! Huzzah, Mo ain't a foo either and drugs Sy while tying him up and giving him a funky IV. Mo wants to use his DNA sample to help him out and then shoot Sylar. Except Sylar doesn't give a damn, as Mo let him be for too long and Sylar has managed to escape. Unfortunately for Peter, he picks the wrong time barge in, not unlike apparently Claire who barged in on her Grandmother Petrelli, where the Haitian is stationed (yeah I said it). Sylar takes hold of Peter, who realizes that Mo is trapped on the goddamn ceiling and proceeds to cut open his head. To be continued...

Hot damn, after last week's "contained" ep, we're treated to a shapeshifter, a wise Eric Roberts, Mohinder, and life-like Linderman, not to mention the loss of Peter's locks! No doubt, it's time for Gonch's Gold Medal of McDowell. Sylar may be one dangerous fellow, but nobody messes with the McDow.



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