Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lost: "Left Behind" Review

Kate gets her moment to shine in the Lost episode "Left Behind." Usually, I find Kate-centric episodes boring, but this one was action-packed enough to leave me satisfied.

With Locke seemingly turned to The Others cause after the reveal of his father, the nefarious group decides to abandon Jack, Sayid, Kate, and surprisingly Juliet at Othersville by gassing them and heading off. When Kate awakens, she is in the jungle, handcuffed to Juliet. The two finally clash over the heart of Jack, with Kate, seemingly accidentally, dislocating Juliet's shoulder. Before anything else can happen, the Smoke Monster arrives, stalks our handcuffed couple, and seems to flash something. Then later, the Monster shows up again, and Juliet acknowledges that the Others know about the Monster but not what it is. She knows enough to tell Kate to get behind the sonic fence they stumbled upon, and turns it on. The Monster can't pass through it and leaves them alone. Juliet also reveals that she has the key to the handcuffs all along, but didn't use it because she didn't want to be left behind. Eventually, the two women make it back to camp and free Jack and Sayid. Sayid is suspicious of Juliet but Jack puts his foot down and tell them they all are going back to camp.

In Kate's flashback, we are taken to a time just after she killed her father. She is on the run, yet she wants to return to her mother to ask her why she gave Kate up to the feds. Along the way, Kate forms a partnership with Cassidy, the ex-lover of Sawyer. Seems Cassidy is now conning for a living and wants to help Kate out. Why? Because Cassidy is still upset at what Sawyer did to her and wants someone to be happy. This is the first time in a while this strong of a connection was made between two survivors and it plays out well. With Jack seemingly moved on to Juliet, Kate should be gravitating towards Sawyer more, and a flashback connection makes more fitting that they should hook up again. Also, in Kate's flashback, her mom says that one can't help who one loves, which Kate should remember, as one of her fears about Sawyer is that he is a man who will hurt her.

However, that may soon be changing. Sawyer has always had a heart of gold. To the viewer, we know he has a gruff exterior but is a damaged little boy. To the survivors though, he is just mean and rude. To this end, Hurley embarks on trying to change Sawyer. Hurley makes up a situation where Sawyer may be bannished if he doesn't start to play nice. Sawyer thinks he can go it alone, but is proven wrong. He finally caves in and starts to make amends, but soon learns that Hurley was tricking him. When asked why, Hurley says that Sawyer needs to step up as leader with Jack, Sayid, and Locke gone. Sawyer denies he wants this position, but Hurley thrusts it upon him. By the end of the episode, Sawyer seems that sometimes you can attract more bees with honey than vineager and seems to slowly recognize his new (temporary) position. Still, as he looks to Sun, he knows he is never going to be a virtuous man.

It will be interesting to see how Sawyer reacts with the return of Jack and company and his "demotion". Sawyer's character has always seemed to swing between the beginnings of redemption and the deceitful habits he has as a con man. Though I don't think we will ever see a truly straight and serious Sawyer, a Sawyer who accepts his role and doesn't rebel might be in the future.

This episode felt like the start of the rollercoaster rising to the top of big drop. Something is building, there is going to be tension, you can feel it, but it is apparent what it is quite yet. The anticipation is starting to creep in.

4 Mud Wrestling Losties out of 5

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