Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lost: "The Man from Tallahassee" Review


Lost knows how to end its episodes. Even though you might guess what is going to happen a few minutes before the end, the reveal is always mindblowing. That aspect of Lost was fully on display in "The Man from Tallahasssee". With Locke's father issues, when Ben started to talk about how the Island can give you your deepest wish, the fact that Anthony Cooper, Locke's dad, was in The Others' care was not too surprising. But the set up and execution was excellent. Locke's final cry of "Dad?" harkens back to the other J.J. Abrams show, Alias, first season finale, when Syndeny cried out "Mom?".

Let's backtrack a bit though. In the episode, The Island Swat Team tries to rescue Jack. Jack, however, wants no rescue and tells Kate that he is leaving the Island. Kate feels betrayed, but Locke didn't come to Otherville for Jack. No, he wants revenge on Ben and The Others, who he feels is violating the Island's mysticism. Locke intends to blow up The Others' submarine and strand them on the Island. Ben wants this too, because he doesn't want Jack to leave because that would undermine Ben's leadership. Ben manipulates Locke, who doesn't seem to care, and in the end they both get what they want. Also, a partnership of sorts is forged, as Locke can communicate with the Island, which Ben wants desperately to do. Ben seems to want to be the Obi-Won to Locke's Luke (or possibly Anakin) Skywalker.

Secrets are revealed in this episode. Sayid encounters Alex and let's her know that her mother is still alive. Locke was paralyzed when his father pushes him out a window to plummet 8 stories. Dr. Alpert, who recruited Juliet in her flashback, is on the Island. Suddenly, the story and plot are building towards something...something big it seems.

Lost, like a train in the 1800s, has been picking up steam lately and is barreling straight ahead.

4 1/2 C-4 out of 5

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