Monday, March 26, 2007

The Simpsons: "Homerazzi" Review

From the opening couch gag of the evolution of Homer to the closing bit about Marge and her "Mrs. Mom" movie idea, "Homerazzi" was firing on all funny cylinders. The Simpsons definitely picked up the slack from their last (unfunny) episode.

Through a series of events that could only unfold on this show, Homer becomes a paparazzi and stalks/snaps pictures of Springfield's local celebs. Homer reports to the editor of the local tabloid, whose palyed by J.K Simmons (Spider-Man). This is the second appearance of Simmons this season, each time playing a riff on his portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson. Homer also meets up with Betty White, who actually cares for Homer although he is a shutterbug. Jon Lovitz makes his ninth appearance on The Simpsons as a rival cameraman hired to make Homer look bad (which is very easy).

Eventually, Homer and celebrities make nice and things work out in the end. The funny part of the episode were the celebrities. You had Paris Texan, the parody of Paris Hilton. You had Kent Brockman and Mayor Quimby dressed up in interesting costumes. And Homer's main foe was Rainer Wolfcastle, the Schwarzenegger homage. At one point, Homer crashes his wedding to Maria Shriver Kennedy Quimby, completing the parody. It was interesting to see The Simpsons biting humor take on the rich and the famous. It was both a loving ode and a cutting satire.

This episode really stood out and I felt it was one the best ones in recent years.

4 1/2 Hidden Cameras out of 5.

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