Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost: "Par Avion" Review


That's what this episode of Lost's title means. And it makes sense, both literally, as Claire successfully tried to attach a message to a migratory bird, and figuratively, as the episode was fast paced and brought the plot from point A to point B.

The Claire-centric episode told the story of a teenage Claire, involved in a car accident with her mother, feeling alone and guilty for her actions in her Flashbacks. On the Island, Claire is not so alone anymore, but with Charlie acting suspicious around Desmond, she fears abandonment. She comes up with an idea to get everyone rescued, but Charlie's reluctance pains her. Eventually, she finds out from Desmond that the Scot sees Charlie's death and it seems like each time, Claire is inadvertantly involved.

This mirrors Claire's flashback, as the she feels directly responsible for the car accident that causes her mother to fall into a coma. A brunette Claire is a rebellious teen, and with her mom in a come, she can never take back the horrible things she said. Things don't look much better when an American doctor, one Christian Shephard shows up. Jack's father reveals that he is also Claire's father, but Claire is taken aback when Dr. Shephard suggests that she let her mother die. She is so upset she doesn't even want to know his name. I screamed at the screen at this point, yelling "Bastards!" as Claire choses not to know her father's name and her connection to Jack.

The B-plot picked up from last week's hatch encounter, with The Island Strike Force, Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau, bring a prisoned Mikhail on their quest to find Othersville. Mikhail laughs at the assumption that The Others know nothing abotu the survivors, listing the full names of each of the survivors and almost revealing that Locke was paralyzed. On their way, they run into a lethal fence that uses soundwaves to kill. Locke, angry, pushes Mikhail into the fence and kills him. Sayid also finds the C4 from the Flame station in Locke's backpack, leading to the reveal that Locke knew that the station would possibly exploded when he entered 77. His apparent anger at the Others for all their manipulations seems to be boiling over.

Tension is high in the group as they jerry-rig an apparatus to scale the fence. They finally reach the Barracks. They see Jack running. Kate goes to call for him, but Sayid stops her. They then see Jack catch a football and celebrate an imagianry touchdown with Other Tom. He seems happy. And then the Lost end title comes up. At this closing scene, I laughed for about 5 minutes. But it was a good laugh. I wasn't shocked (I read about this scene in an EW article), but it was pretty funny to see the dramatic Lost music and closing as Jack playing football.

This episode was pretty solid. Again, it was pretty light on mythos, but it was great storytelling. Lost is definitely picking up momentum.

3 1/2 Auntie Suns out of 5.


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