Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Simpsons: "Crook and Ladder" Review

The Simpsons returned to its spotty roots with an episode where the first act was all over the place in terms of plot and only served to set up the final two acts. In the case of "Crook and Ladder" the first act had to go through two plot devices to reach the main one. Maggie gets her pacifier taken away, leading to Homer being unable to sleep, which leads to him taking sleeping pills, which leads to him doing things in his sleep, which leads to Bart manipulating him, which leads to Homer accidentally injuring the firefighters.

So Homer, Skinner, Moe, and Apu become volunteer firefighters. Soon their heroics reap them some rewards, and they become greedy. As they say, greed leads to trouble and pretty soon Homer gets caight by his family. Homer gives up his ways and becomes a true hero.

Surprisingly, the best gags come from the first act. Homer sleepsets up a domino pattern that leads to his portrait and signature by Matt Groening. Upon reading that Maggie's future us uncertain due to her pacifier sucking, Marge sees Maggie setting up some ABC blocks that read "No Future". However, as the episode moves onto the firefighting aspect, the jokes get thin. Homer sees his sad children's faces everywhere he goes is about as funny as it gets in the final 15 minutes.

This episode wasn't that funny or entertaining. I hold out hope that in the final few episodes, The Simpsons regain its touch, leading up to the movie this summer!

2 Firefighting Brochures out of 5.

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