Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost: "D.O.C." Review

Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun, is an amazing actress. Although the Lost episode "D.O.C." was not that exciting until the last quarter of the show, Kim kept the episode from careening into boring town.

The episode focused on Sun's pregnancy. She learns from Juliet that women who conceive on the Island end up dead. Adding more to Sun's dilemma is that she isn't sure who the father of the bay is: Jin's or her ex-lover's. If it is her ex-lover's she has shamed Jin. If it is Jin's, then she only has a limited time to live. Juliet confirms that it is Jin's baby, and Yunjin Kim goes through all the emotions: relieft, happiness, and fear as Sun realizes she is doomed.

Meanwhile, back with Desmond's group of him, Charlie, Hurley, and Jin, they try to help the female parachutist, as she is suffering from a punctured lung. Hurley accidentally sends up a flare, and who rushes to the scene? The thought dead Mikhail, of the Flame (Communication) station. The group realizes he should be dead, but Mikhail does not give anything away as to why he is still alive. He helps save the parachutist, lying about what she said after she was fine (she said "I am not alone", which Mikhail reported as "Thank you."), and then trying to steal the satellite phone. He doesn't steal the phone, but is allowed to go free, much to Charlie's chagrin.

The last quarter of the episode had two reveals: Juliet infiltrated the Lostaway's camp to collect samples from the females to see if anyone can be impregnated and the female parachutist reveals that Oceanic FLight 815 was found with no survivors. What does that mean? The producers have said that the Island is not Purgatory and the survivors aren't dead. The feasible explanation is that whoever is providing supply for and funding the Others also has the resources to fake a destroyed plane and used that to throw any rescuers off the real trail. It reiterates that the only person who can help the survivors find rescue is Desmond.

Although not mythos heavy, this episode was better than average because of the fine acting. The twist at the end added a new layer to the show that I hope is explored more.

3 1/2 Flare Guns out of 5.

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