Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lost: "The Brig" Review

It's called acting, my dear boy! Terry O'Quinn, Kevin Tighe, and Josh Holloway really nailed their parts in the Lost episode "The Brig". The episode returned to Locke and his father, catching up with Locke's interactions with Ben and The Others through on-Island flashbacks and present Locke's cat and mouse game with Sawyer.

Why was Locke playing games with Sawyer? Well, it seems that Ben wants Locke to kill Locke's father to prove that he is special. Locke, even with all his daddy issues, can't do it. Ben banishes Locke from the Others' temporary camp (which seems to be on the site of some ruins), but not before Richard, the man who recruited Juliet gives Locke a file on someone who can kill his father, Sawyer. Turns out Locke's Daddy is the real Sawyer, the one who drove James Ford's dad to kill his mom and then himself. Ouch. Locke takes his dad to the Black Rock, the slave ship found at the end of Season 1 and puts him in the Brig. Then he sets off to find Sawyer.

Our Sawyer showed that he is a complicated man tonight. He quickly picked up on Locke's manipulations and demanded answers. But when it was finally revealed who Anythony Cooper was, Sawyer snapped. Anthony laughed in Sawyer's face about his revenge scheme, tearing up Sawyer's childhood letter. Sawyer then choked him to death with a chain. Yet, after the death of his lifelong enemy, Sawyer still seems to feel lost. He vomits afterwards, and the look on his face tells the story of a tragic figure.

Locke has one final present for Sawyer before Locke returns to the Others: the audio tape Juliet made for Ben in last week's episode. Ben has told Locke that the Others are going to the beach in three days to take all the women. Meanwhile, back at the beach, the parachutist, Naomi, arrives and the foursome of Desmond et al struggles to find who to trust. The only one they can trust is Sayid, who quickly grills Naomi. Naomi reveals that not only was Flight 815 found, but there were bodies. Naomi hands over her satellite phone to Sayid, who fixes it, but can't boradcast anything. Kate finds out about Naomi, and tattles to Jack. Jack and Juliet remain mysterious, with Juliet wanting to tell Kate about some secret, which Jack refuses to tell. There is a confrontation coming!

The crescendo to the season finale continued with "The Brig". Tension is rising and it feels like we are on the cusp of something big. Will The Others attack the survivors, only to find an ambush waiting? What exactly is the Island in that it would make the Others believe that Locke could be a messiah figure? And where did Rousseau go with that dynamite?

4 Tents out of 5.

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