Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Simpsons: "The Boys of Bummer" Review

The episode "The Boys of Bummer" had me singing "Take me out to the animated ball game." It was funny without being too deep. It wasn't a classic episode by any stretch of the imagination, but it was entertaining.

Bart becomes the goat of the town when he drops a routine flyball in the championship game of his Little League. The whole town starts to hate on him, driving him insane, and Marge to the idea to recreate the game in order to give Bart another chance at redemption. The inanity of baseball is highlighted with the announcer who babbles on about their sponsors and what it means to make an error on the baseball field.

The B-plot had Homer becoming a mattress saleman (at one point, he wonder outloud how this will turn out). He trades his mattress to the Lovejoys, the Reverend and his wife, to aid their sex life. He finds his own sex life suffers for it, and he and Marge set out to steal it. Homer can't resist singing the tune from "The Pink Panther" as he sneaks around. The final solution to the Lovejoy's and Simpson's problems is to split the mattress in half, not quite going like King Solomon that Reverend Lovejoy used as an example.

The episode had some funny little bits. Homer thinks about the types of sanwiches the split mattress looks like, gets hot, and pulls over to the side of the road to make love with Marge. Ned Flanders apparently hates oil-based paint and goes a little psycho when "I Hate Bart Simpson" is painted on his fence. There is even a nod to Steve Bartman and his involvement with the Cubs when Homer snatches a foul ball from Bart. Even the towns mean actions towards Bart was hilarious. And who knew that Lenny had a well received series of mystery books? Even Stephen King is a fan!

This episode was light and fluffy, with very little substance to be remembered later. However, that content was enjoyed while it lasted.

3 Old Milhouses out of 5.

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