Monday, September 18, 2006

This is going to make for some awkward Wednesday Nights.

I am a huge fan of "Lost". You slap Lost on anything and chances are I am going to buy it, or at least seriously think about buying it. So, when I heard men's magazine "Stuff" had the "Women of Lost" as its cover story, you know I had to pick it up.

Yunjin Kim, Sun on the show, was on the cover, looking very beautiful. Though the information about the show she said in the interview was nothing new (you could find her almost exact statements in the DVD extras of Season 2), she did say that she would not date a Hollywood actor. The chances of me going out with her increased from 0.00001% to 0.00002%. You gotta like those odds!

Also briefly featured were Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Emilie da Ravin (Claire), Maggice Grace (Shannon), Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia), and Julie Bowen (Sarah, Jack's ex-wife). The last three choices show clearly that Lost is lacking in strong female roles, as both Shannon and Ana Lucia are dead, and Sarah is only shown through flashbacks. I can picture the meeting at Stuff as they try to figure out who to photograph.

"Ok, so we got Sun, Claire, and Kate, who else?"
"How about Rose? Guys love the older chicks!"
"What's the name of that character that Terry plays?"
"Yeah, let's cast her!"
"That's Terry O'Quinn, and he's a badass and not a girl!"
"Hmmm, ok then, how about the hobbit? He looks girly enough."
"Do you even watch the show?"

Hopefully, with two out of the three new cast members being women, the female-to-male ratio will increase.

Either way, I am really excited about Oct. 4, when the new season of Lost premieres. It will be six weeks of pure heaven, followed by 14 weeks of pure hell, then 16 more weeks of heaven.

I will eventually post my own personal pet theory about Lost, so if you haven't read the millions of theories already out there, that will be new for you!


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