Friday, March 09, 2007

Crazy Lost Timeline

After the Lost episode "Enter 77" where we learn that there were people on the Island, pre-Dharma, I've been trying to put together a timeline. What follows is my theory based on crazy guesses and my own mad thoughts.

This is based on Mikhail's story being somewhat true:

Sometime BC - The Island, presumably being somewhere in the Pacific, near the Phillipines, becomes inhabited. See the book Guns, Germs, and Steel about how the Pacific Rim islands became inhabited and each one having a different culture. The inhabitants are mystical in nature, and become the "Atlantis" of the Pacific. The natural phenemon on the Island, the electromagnetic field, lends credence to the seemingly mysterical view of the Island. They build the four toed statue

1600-1800s AD - The Island is discovered by a few European explorers, and they try to either convert the natives or try to wipe them out.

Late 1800s - The Black Rock, slave ship owned by Magnus Hanso, ancestor of Alvar Hanso (source: The Lost Experience) lands on the Island. The ship and its crew get integrated into the native culture, perhaps violently. Hanso dies and is bured (source: the Blast Door Map)

1970s AD - Dharma arrives on the Island, after Alvar Hanso and his Foundation recall Magnus's voyage. Although they are aware of the Natives, they set up shop anyways. A few years later, the "Incident" occurs due to a Native attack and the Swan Hatch (and Flame) have to be modified to take into account this attack.

1988 AD - Danielle and her crew crash on the Island. The Others get to her crew before Dharma people find out and take her baby. They also, perhaps unintentionally, infect Rousseau and her crew with a virus. Again, see Guns, Germs, and Steel about how virus played a large part in migration patterns. Could also be why Dharma wanted it's workers to be "Quarantined" to avoid native viruses. Eventually though, a cure is found.

1990s AD - Dharma gets fed up with constant Native presence, or the Natives get fed up with Dharma's intrusion onto their "Holy Land" and the "Purge" happens. Kelvin is stuck in the Swan Hatch, but the Natives take over all of Dharma's operations, posing as them to receive money and food and to manipulate the outside world.

Sometime After the Purge - Ben assumes leadership of Island Natives, while "Jacob" is either a real person, the Native "Chief" or the name of their god. The Natives rapidly educate themselves about the outside world and start to make incursion into our world.

2001 AD - Desmond crashes his boat. Kelvin has to quickly drag him to the hatch to avoid the Hostiles. As Kelvin is now allowed to venture more and more outside with Desmond at the button, he starts to feel that the Hostiles are gone or not bothersome anymore. That leads him to find a way to escape the Island and the button.

2004 AD - The Lostaways crash. The Natives are violent towards them because of their heritage of violent incursions. They believe they are the good guys, because they are the rightful inhabitants of the Island. People like Juliet, who they recruited, are trapped by the Others cult-like mentality.

I guess one question is why The Others, if Mikhail's story is to be believed, took over Dharma operations. They obviously have some outside influence, as they recruited Juliet and have contact with the outside world. If Dharma was trying to save the world, via what we were told in the Lost Experience, are The Others trying to end the world that caused them only pain?


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