Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost: "One of Us" Review

And the hits keep on coming!

Tension reaches new heights on Lost, as in "One of Us" Juliet, the Other left behind, comes to the survivors' beach, trying to join in. She witnesses the reunion of Jack, Sayid, and Kate with the rest of the cast and is visually apart from them. Being abandoned by Ben, Juliet wants to be accepted by the Lostaways, to find a community. But does she deserve it? After all, she was part of the group that kidnapped and mentally tortured our heroes.

Sayid and Sawyer do not trust her. Sayid wants answers and Sawyer remembers what The Others did to him and Kate. Sawyer continues his character growth, with his touching, tender hug to Kate upon her return, and his teaming with Sayid to keep an eye on Juliet. Jack vouches for Juliet's trustiness, much to the chagrin of the survivors. Cracks are starting to appear in survivor's faith in Jack. They cannot fathom why Jack would side with the enemy over them. And it is compounded even further when he reveals he made a deal with Ben. Hurley even tries to grill Juliet and warn her about the last time an Other entered camp (Ethan).

Through Juliet's flashbacks we learn why she was chosen by The Others: women on the Island have a problem being pregnant. These women's bodies often reject the life growing inside of them and their immune system kills them both. Originally brought to the Island on the sub after being voluntarily drugged, Juliet wants to return home after 6 months, as per her deal. However, Ben uses Juliet's sister against her, and says that her sister's cancer is back and it can only be cured (by the mysterious Jacob) if Juliet stays on the Island. Juliet stays and starts a relationship with later-killed-by-Ana-Lucia Goodwin. However, after 3 years, when Ben gets his tumor and Juliet's faith in the healing abilities of Ben, Juliet wants out again. On the day of the plane crash, Ben takes Juliet to the communication station and Mikhail, who is monitoring the news of the crash. Ben shows Juliet that her sister is still alive, and has a 2 year old boy. Juliet's misplace faith is once again restored.

Juliet finally starts to gain acceptance with the survivors when Claire falls ill. She reveals that she had a part in Claire's abduction and that is the source of her illness. However, Juliet also says she knows how to cure Claire and is allowed to run off to get some medicine. She has a staredown with Sayid and Sawyer, reminding them that they have no moral high ground over her, and seemingly saves the day. The survivors allow her to stay on the beach and Jack has a spot picked out for her. Juliet is now somewhat accepted and seems assimilated.

...Which is what Ben wanted. Juliet turns from sympathetic to snake in the grass quickly in the last five minutes. The final flashback reveals that Juliet joining Jack and company is all a set up. Her and Ben went over a plan, with Juliet handcuffing herself to Kate and all that followed, so that Juliet can accomplish some unknown goal. Ben has the final line of the episode: "See you in one week." What will happen in one week? And the omninous last shot of Juliet, stonefaced, looking over the cast is chilling. Does she want Sun and her Island-conceived baby? Or Desmond and his ability to see the future? Or Charlie for some Ethan-inspired revenge?

Is it Wednesday yet?

4 1/2 Glasses of OJ out of 5.

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