Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost: "Catch-22" Review

While the last couple of Lost episodes were homeruns, tonight's Desmond-centric episode was not quite a four bagger. It was more like a long fly ball that is just out of the outfielder's grasp so that the hitter gets a double. Meaning in the end it was exciting, but for a few moments it was almost routine.

The episode opens up with the death of Charlie. Yep, the Singing Hobbit gets an arrow in the throat, courtesy of the Ironic Island. Apparently, Charlie, Jin, Hurley, and Desmond were treking through the jungle when Charlie got the wrong end of a Rousseau trap. Of course, this is really just a vision, and Desmond sees some other interesting things: Hurley finding the cable that leads to the beacon, a red light in the sky, and someone hanging from a tree. Oh, and his picture with him and Penny in it. Desmond takes this as a sign that Penny is coming to the Island to rescue him and seeks to recreate the events, right down to Charlie's death.

In Desmond's flashback, we see him before he met Penny. He is in training to be a monk, but the real reason why he is in an abbey is because he ran away from marriage from his previous girlfriend. Desmond is always seeking something else, he is always running away from himself, and this flashback reinforces that theme. He thinks he is destined for something big (though he is not egotistical about it) and finds ways to keep going towards that goal, whether it be communing with God or sacrificing Charlie to see his Penny.

In the B-plot, Sawyer, Kate, and Jack are trying to sort out their love triangle. Jack and Sawyer has somewhat grown up and are friendly towards each other, but Kate is still a bit jealous of Jack and Juliet. In fact, seeing them together leads to Kate jumping Sawyer. Sawyer has some funny lines in this episode, with his ping pong discussion with Jack, to his asking of Jack and Juliet whose the favorite Other. Sawyer has seemed to mature a little over the past few episode that although he still calls Kate "Freckles", he has toned down the jackass in him.

Back to Desmond. He can't go through with sacrificing Charlie and saves him from the arrow. He is distraught, especially when they stumble upon the person who ejected from the helicopter Desmond saw in his vision. Desmond thinks it is Penny and calls out for her. But the parachutist is barely alive and isn't Penny. She does however, recognize Desmond, saying his name before she passes out. So was she sent to find Desmond by Penny, and hence why Desmond found his picture in the parachutist's belonging? Hmmmm...

There were a lot of Easter Eggs peppered throughout the episode. The biggest one is that the old lady from Desmond's previous FB, the one who warned Des that he can't change the future, appeared in a picture at the abbey Des was staying in. Also, the monks bottled 108 wine bottles a year and the mention of Abraham and Isaac leads to the fact that Isaac had a son named Jacob. Jacob is an important name this season.

This episode was a good solid hour of entertainment. Though not a mindscrew like last week's was or as mythos heavy as others have been lately, the episode served its purpose. Rescue may be on the horizon for our Lostaways.

3 1/2 Superman vs. Flash debates out of 5.

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