Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Movie Review: "Meet The Robinsons"

The animated flick "Meet the Robinsons" is the first one from a combined Pixar/Disney studio. When Pixar was abosrbed into Disney, the heads of Pixar too the original "Robinsons" outline and put their mark on it.

The result is a movie that is frantic and funny, but not totally Pixar. The plot is somewhat thin and their is a twist that one can see coming a mile away. Still, it is an enjoyable film that has one unique quality: it has been released in both normal and 3-D prints. I had the pleasure of seeing it in 3-D and it certainly played very well in that format. The 3-D is not intrusive and feels natural.

The plot is a young kid, a genius inventor whose inventions never quite work, has one his inventions stolen by a man from the future. A boy from the future also is around and he takes the young kid, Lewis, to the future to meet The Robinsons, the wacky bunch from whom the time machines that brought the two future people to Lewis's present. The story unfolds in the future as the villain tries to get to Lewis and destroy him, with the usual hijinks. Talking animals, pop culture references, and dazzling animations all make an appearance.

The movie was entertaining, and all though the theater was filled with children, the flick was entrancing enough that they all remained silent. That is a mark of a good children's film. With Pixar's backing, "Meet the Robinsons" also had enough juice in it to entertain us older folks.

3 1/2 Bowler Hats out of 5.

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