Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lost: "The Man Behind the Curtain" Review

Well, we finally saw Jacob. Kinda, sorta. Not really, but still. In "The Man Behind the Curtain" Ben's backstory gets revealed, and the Island mythos explodes. And the crescendo at the end has everyone at the edge of their seats!

First and foremost, Ben is a liar. He wasn't born on the Island, rather he was born 2 months premature outside of Portland, which caused his mom's death. His father, a resentful fellow, joins up with the Dharma Initiative and brings Ben to the Island. There, Ben sees visions of his dead mother and avoids attacks from the Hostiles, once again the name given to the original inhabitants of the Island. Young Ben soon meets Richard Alpert, who seems to be a native and ageless, as he looked the same in the past, which took place 30 years ago, and the present. Ben eventually joins the Hostiles and helps "purge" the Dharma Initiative and kills his own father face to face.

Back in the present, Locke demands answers from Ben. Ben tells him the only one who can provide the answers is the mysterious Jacob. But Ben isn't too keen on taking Locke there, especially when Mikhail shows up to inform him about Naomi and her mission to find Desmond. However, Locke eliminates any hesitation by beating on Mikhail while The Others stand around and let it happen. Ben takes Locke to Jacob's creepy house, where Ben talks to an empty chair. Ben insists Jacob is there, but Locke sees nothing. He then shines a light around the room, things go all Poltergeisty, a man briefly appears and says to Locke "Help Me". Locke is unconvinced about what he saw and accuses Ben of lying. Ben is miffed that "Jacob" talked to Locke and Locke is usurping his power, so he does what comes naturally to him: he shoots Locke. Locke is left dying on the same grave that Ben put all his former Dharma friends in.

We only got a little snippet of the beach this week, but the camp confronted Jack and Juliet about Juliet's tape. Juliet calmly lets them hear Ben's instructions about kidnapping the women and Jack informs everyone he already knew about it but was trying to think of a plan before telling. The camp is upset, but it seems like they wanna hear what Jack has to say. Needless to point out, but the A plot outshined this plot.

This episode blew me away. It was dark and mysterious and had a (hopefully not really) killer ending. With two episodes remaining, Lost is crazily addictive once again!

4 1/2 Dormant Volcanos out of 5

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