Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Entertainment Critical's Entertainment Weekly Review #2

Hello and welcome once again to my review of this week's (September 22, 2006) EW. This one is number 898 and features Jay-Z on the cover.


News & Notes: "Idiocracy" Inaction: Excellent little blurb about Fox's mishandling of the Mike Judge film "Idiocracy". I wanted to see this follow up to "Office Space", but unfortunately it got buried. I look forward to the DVD.

"25 Must-Have Albums of Fall": In particular, I didn't know that the Beatles "Love" is coming out and now I am looking forward to it. "Love" is the modern mash-up of all their songs as done by their original producer Sir George Martin and his son Giles for the Cirque du Soleil act of the same name. Also, going to keep an ear out for the new Maroon 5 album, the Sean Lennon CD, and the new disc by The Who.

The Review of the Book "World War Z" by Max Brooks: I believe Max is the son of Mel. If that's true or not doesn't matter, as the book name beckoned me a while back when I was purusing some upcoming releases and stumbled across it. I am a sucker for end of the world type books, with The Stand by Stephen King being my favorite book of all time. I am going to pick this novel up and hopefully be entertained.


The Letters Page: A couple weeks ago, EW did a story on a town where pop culture is basically a nonfactor. This week we got readers' responses. I am surprised though that no one, or at least no one EW published, had a negative reaction to the piece. When I read it, I felt that the town was painted as being backwards by the writer, yet no one else seemed to feel that way. I don't know, when I read the original story, I thought there would be some negative comments about it, but apparently I was wrong.

"She's Got Legs": This short article on Katie Couric and her new job as a newsperson just further blurs the line between entertainment and the news. Was this piece really necessary?

Style Page - Men In Black: This feature will continue to be a lowlight until it provides something other than fluff.

"Tale of the Tapes": An article on America's Most Funniest Home Videos. 'Nuff said.

All in all, a pretty lackluster issue. I'll give it a C+.


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