Sunday, October 22, 2006

Entertainment: Critical's Entertianment Weekly 2-for-1 Review!

Due to some mail problems, I got the EW for last week on Monday. So by the time I was done reading that, the EW for this week arrived. So I get to review both issues! Instead of the usual Highlight/Lowlight, I am just going to talk about each issue briefly.

EW for the week of October 20, 2006. Numbered 903. Borat on the Cover.

This issue was probably the best issue I have reviewed so far. There is an excellent cover story on Borat and what it took to get the guerilla movie made. There is also an aritcle on Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on TV's The Office. It too was enlightening, as I did not know that before she hit it big, she was in many "Pam like" jobs. There was also a small article in the beginning of the magazine, talking about all the future sequels coming out that are based on old movies (Jurassic Park 4, Die Hard 4, Rocky 6). All in all this was a great issue.

EW #903 gets an A-.

EW for the week of October 27, 2006. Number 904. Clint Eastwood on the Cover.

Another solid issue, though not as good as last week's. Clint Eastwood talks about his new movie, Flags of Our Father's. Unfortunately, as I ranted about before, EW also felt it necessary to have a side article on Clint's poltiics. Though Clint isn't ranting and raving in this side article, I felt it unnnecessary. Yes, his new movie is about a world war, but that doesn't mean you have to quiz him on the current war. Although it was interesting to read about his views as it appears he is one of the few celebrities who supports Predisent Bush.

There was a nice article on "5 New Shows to Watch", including the floundering, but very good "Studio 60". It seems like "Studio 60", along side the other new show about SNL, "30 Rock" will barely last the season. It's a shame, because "Studio 60" is a fun, zippy drama. "30 Rock", I didn't find funny at all though.

EW #904 gets a B.


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