Sunday, November 19, 2006

Enough with TomKat

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in Italy on Saturday, and hopefully this closes the saga that is TomKat, at least for a little while.

When Tom and Katie first started dating, it was last summer, the time when Tom's War of the Worlds and Katie's Batman Begins were being released. The media called foul and said the pairing was a publicity stunt. Tom's jumping on Oprah's couch didn't help things. Tom's sanity seemed to be quickly unraveling, while Katie seemed to be slowly disappearing from the spotlight.

The media and the paparazzi latched onto this story and all sorts of crazy rumors started. Tom was brainwashing Katie with Scientology. Tom was really gay and using Kate as a "beard". When Katie, through Tom, announced she was pregnant, everyone thought she was artificially inseminated. When Suri was born and no one saw her for weeks, the baby was thought to be deformed or obviously not Tom's. When photos were released, people said that the baby looked more like Chris Klein, Katie's ex-boyfriend, then Tom.

Of course, TomKat didn't do much to fight these allegations. They became recluses, with Tom acting as the occasional mouthpiece. Katie clammed up. Meanwhile, Tom became box office poison, with the relative failure of WOTW and MI:3. Tom had a highly publicized split from Paramount Studios, and now has reopened United Artists, with him as a head. Every little minutae of their lives were being studied. The more they tried to stay away, the more and more each new story that involved them became important.

With the couple finally married, maybe we can move on from them. While this ordeal made it clear that Tom isn't exactly "normal", who in Hollywood actually is? The mistake Tom made was that he chose to run away from his actions for a bit, allowing them to mutate into something horrible. If, after the couch jumping scene, he had gone on SNL or Leno or Letterman, and joked about it (but not actually repeat it), problem would have been solved. We wouldn't be seeing the gags we still see today. If Katie had been a little more public about the relationship past her promotional campaign for BB, we wouldn't have these wild theories to contend with.

The marriage provides a natural bookend, chapter break, whatever for an excusable withdrawl from the scene. But it needs to be a total withdrawl. Make with the wedded bliss and go into a real seclusion, meaning no projects, no high profile business dealings, no nothing. Let the public forget TomKat for a few months. Then, when they show up again (presumably Tom will, Katie said she wants to be a mom, which is commendable, but again leads to the brainwashing theory), the whole hurricane of the past few years will be gone.

We shall see what happens in the future. I wish them the best.


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