Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Simpsons: "GI D'oh!" Review

The second episode back from the baseball playoff break of The Simpsons finds the long running series in fine form.

Although the plot borrowed somewaht from Family Guy's plot from last week, with a parental figure signing up for the Army after their younger child does so, the two shows take a different approach. While in FG, Brian and Stewie go off to war, here, Homer is deemed too stupid and is stuck running war games in Springfield. Of course, Homer finds a way to screw this up and has his commanding officer invade Springfield to find him.

The gags in this episode are nonstop. From a helicpoter chasing Homer ala an old fashioned cartoon chase to Lisa dousing Krusty in red paint to protest him wearing fur and then properly asking about a Krusty movie, there were laughs to be had. And unlike last week's Halloween episode, were the Iraq War was heavily commented upon, this episode had more of a sly take on the conflict (especially when the Commander says never to admit our mistakes and that's why America has won nearly half the wars it has been involved in). I also liked Marge pointing out all the crazy stuff Homer has done before, including joining the Navy.

Keifer Sutherland voiced the Commander, and it was almost hard to realize it was him. This is a good thing, as sometimes celebrity voices are too intrusive. He handled it well and since it was not a quick cameo, added something to the episode. It's just too bad that he isn't going to be a part of the upcoming Simpsons episode that will parody "24".

The other major happening during this episode, was that a second Simpsons trailer premiered. You may remember there was a teaser trailer put out in the middle of summer. Well, the new trailer actually had a scene from the movie, and let's just say it looks like Homer will be put in between a rock and a hard place. Literally. I urge you all to go out and find this trailer on the Internet if you did not see it yet. You won't be disappointed.

This episode was a vast improvement over the Treehouse of Horror episode last week.

4 female helicopters out of 5.


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