Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon announced their separation earlier this week after seven years of marriage. The couple has two children together.

With this break up, the past two Best Actress Oscar winners, Reese and Hillary Swank, have separated/divorced from their actor husbands. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so. In Hollywood, success is everything, even between two people in love. You don't think Ryan and Chad Lowe looked at their more famous significant other and felt jealousy? Ryan supposively had an affair with an unknown actress. Just little bit ironic, no? Chad entered rehab shortly after the announcement of his separation. Are the Oscars a curse? No, just a clear display to mark the haves from the have nots in a relationship. When the two spouses are off filming, on different sides of the globe, do you think that the fact that the less successful one is filming some project with Gary Busey while the more successful one is with Spielberg gnaws at the lesser one? How could it not?

Another divorce that is more than likely the cause of a disparity between levels of fame is the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills marriage. Despite Heather's claims to the contrary, one can't deny that she got a lot of publicity for her charities and herself when she married Paul. And now she is dragging his name through the mud so that her own fame can rise.

While it is true that in America, the rate of successful marriages is now below 50% and no doubt that the usual problems that plague us normal people also apply to the famous, I can't help but look at the recent divorces and see a disparity between one partner and the other. You can go back a few years to the Aniston-Pitt break up and see evidence of it there as well. Brad Pitt was a movie star, and Aniston was a huge star, but on television. Was it any surprise that Pitt found Angelina Jolie a more compatable partner?

I would suggest that a happy Hollywood marriage can only include one Hollywood powerhouse, but I just read that Chris Rock is breaking up with his "normal" wife of ten years. Brad Garrett broke up with his wife too. So maybe it is true that they glare of America's troubles is often reflected in Tinseltown.

I just hope Homer and Marge Simpsons don't have any "irreconsilable differences" any time soon.


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