Saturday, November 18, 2006

Odds and Ends

It seems like forever since I last posted, but sometimes the real world impinges upon the blogger world. I just got another issue of EW, so we will have a rare 3 for 1 review coming up. Also, as I mentioned before, I will start to review Heroes soon. Expect another Dreamweaver sometime around Thanksgiving. But for now, I will briefly talk about some topics.

Britney and K-Fed No More: If you remember, I talked about how Britney's career seemed to be on the downswing. While with Kevin Federline, Britney seemed to be the epitome of white trash. But surprise, as soon as she birthed her second child, she seemed to wise up. She immediately hit the gym (which a lot of new Hollywood moms seem to do) and got into shape. She changed her hair and showed up on Letterman, full of life. There seemed to be change in the air.

And that air did change. Britney filed for divorce from K-Fed, with rumors saying she sprung this little tidbit on him through a text message. It seems he is going to have a tough time getting anything from her, as he signed a strong pre-nup. He has decided to fight for his kids, which is noble, but supposively he is going to get dirty to do it. His musical career looks like a nonstarter, and even before the break up, he was appearing on wrestling programs trying to hype himself up.

So where does this leave Britney? Well, she is poised to make a comeback. She is better off image wise than two months ago. She still has a lot of work to do. She turns 25 in December, but she has two kids and an ex-husband. That's not going to play well to the young fans she once had. That fact hasn't changed. However, if she grows up musically, then she can achieve success again. Hopefully she is back to her pre-K-Fed attitude, the one that made fun of herself on SNL and was the right mix of goofy and serious.

Spider-Man 3 Trailer: The third installment of Spider-Man will hit the screens in May, and just last week, the first full trailer was released. There was a previous trailer, a teaser, that made me excited. The new trailer made me giddy. The Spider-Man saga is the finest comic adaptation and Sam Raimi can do no harm. The third movie will focus on Spider-Man's personal troubles, like they all do, but this one has the inclusion of the infamous "black suit". The black suit is an alienlife form that "bonds" with Pete in the comics. This causes all sorts of problems and eventually the suit leaves Peter and helps form a new, vicious villain called Venom.

Whether or not Venom appears for any significant length in 3 is unknown. The movie are heading towards modern continuity interms of what stories it is starting to use. While this does not bother me, it may leave older fans scratching their head at a black suited Spider-Man. Hopefully, SM-3 will be a major blockbuster like the previous two were.

November Sweeps: That maginificent time of television is upon us again, as sweeps month has reared it's head. For those who don't know, there are two months out of the year that advertisers look at ratings and other factors to determine which shows they want to buy time on. November is one month and May is the other. That is why the big events usually take place in those months.

So far we have seen the two offices merge on The Office, the return of a serial killer on CSI, and coming up, we will "Save the Cheerleader" on Heroes. I have not yet been disappointed. Sweeps are much more kinder to nonreality shows, because as much as a producer can manipulate the reality show editing, they cannot truly "script" big events to coincide with sweeps. That is why reality shows have to be always bigger and grander then regular shows, to show advertisers that they are big winners throughout the year.

But regular TV captivates me. The sweeps period is when they pull out the big guns. We, the viewer, are greatly rewarded by the commercials that run between the show, for once.


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